We were able to document the very rare occurrence of the successful fledging of 4 bald eagle chicks from a nest along the Delaware River in Northampton County, PA. -  capturing 14 weeks of footage from the time that the 4 chicks were first observed through several weeks after they fledged (first flight).  Clutch size in bald eagles generally varies between 1 and 3, with 2 being the most common.  Reports in the literature of 4-egg clutches are very rare.

"Four Bald Eagle Chicks In The Nest" is a 6 minute piece which captures the first observations of the four chicks together which we sent to PA Game Commission to record the event.

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We are available to work closely with biologists and wildlife, environmental and educational not-for-profit organizations to produce documentary shorts as outreach tools for these organizations, for their fundraising initiatives and to help them promote and raise awareness of their organizational challenges and projects.  Please contact us for more information.


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"Black Bear Encounter” documents an encounter with a female black bear and her two cubs while hiking early autumn in Yellowstone National Park.

​Barn Owl numbers have been decreasing in PA.  Habitat loss is a primary factor.  The "Barn Owl Conservation Initiative", started by the PA Game Commission, is a study of the biology and ecology of barn owls in PA.  We collaborated with the PA Game Commission to create the "Barn Owl Conservation Project" to document the initiative.