2011 - "Calculating An Ecological Footprint” (10:41 minute documentary): Fifth and sixth grade students learned about sustainability and calculated Jubilee School’s ecological footprint.  They attended the Philadelphia Science Festival (Spring 2011) and spoke about the project and what they had learned.


The Jubilee School Project

The Jubilee School Project was a two- year collaboration with the University of the Sciences and the Jubilee School located in Philadelphia, PA.  The Jubilee School is an independent primary school which provides an environment in which children build upon their wealth of creative, intellectual, spiritual, social, physical and cultural resources. Students build a sense of hope and responsibility, and a knowledge of their power to affect change in our community and the world.

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John and Yoke DiGiorgio

Nature's Art Productions LLC


2012 - "Sustainability and Balance”  (6:11 minute documentary):  Fifth and sixth grade students learned about balance and sustainability.  They were able to tell their own story about what they had learned.  The resulting documentary was chosen to be shown at a Franklin Institute event in the spring, 2012.

Want to Collaborate on a Project for Your Organization?

We are available to work closely with biologists and wildlife, environmental and educational not-for-profit organizations to produce documentary shorts as outreach tools for these organizations, for their fundraising initiatives and to help them promote and raise awareness of their organizational challenges and projects.  Please contact us for more information.