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John and Yoke DiGiorgio

Nature's Art Productions LLC


Renowned Maine artist, Bernard Langlais, created over 3,000 indoor and outdoor works of art during his lifetime, many constructed in response and inspired by his surrounding landscape at his Cushing, Maine property.  Of his outdoor pieces, 65 were monumental wood sculptures, which he erected in the fields, ponds, and on the rocky landscapes throughout his property.  Unique, edgy and very creative, he was also well known as a painter in NYC where he lived during the 50s and 60s. 

To date, very little information has been produced about Bernard Langlais.  “Bernard Langlais Restoring and Preserving the Legacy”, our 10:51-minute documentary, begins to tell the story of the collaboration by Colby College Museum of Art and Georges River Land Trust in Maine, and Kohler Foundation, Inc. in Wisconsin to restore and preserve his legacy.  As Langlais’s artworks are restored, they are being gifted to over 50 non-profit entities in Maine (and beyond), including, universities, schools, museums, and libraries. 

The documentary deepens the conversation between art and conservation.  It has been made available to Colby, the Land Trust, and Kohler, and to all of the non-profit  recipients of Langlais’s indoor and outdoor artworks - to post on their websites, to use in their programming and school curricular, and share through social media and tell the story across Maine and beyond.  Response, and the resulting broad exposure, has been terrific!

Want to Collaborate on a Project for Your Organization?

We are available to work closely with biologists and wildlife, environmental and educational not-for-profit organizations to produce documentary shorts as outreach tools for these organizations, for their fundraising initiatives and to help them promote and raise awareness of their organizational challenges and projects.  Please contact us for more information.